24 September 2011

Happy Weekend!

Hello!  How are you?  Are you having a happy weekend?

We're in the midst of one of my favourite kinds of weekends - the kind when you can stay in your jim-jams all day if you want because there's nothing urgent on your to do list, no obligations or must-dos.

Here's what we're up to:
- Cooking up a roast beef with all the trimmings, including this delicious version of cabbage and bacon.
- Listening to this and this and this a bit of this.
- Watching Underbelly Razor (we are total suckers for anything Underbelly!).
- Waiting for my husband to wake up (he's a world champion sleeper, he could sleep for his country no problem) and working on some paper goods and mail art, and finishing off three mammoth blog posts all about travel.
- Catching up on some reading here, here and here.
- Making something inspired by my new most favourite cookbook in the world - The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches.
- Strolling about our always fascinating neighbourhood.

Hope you are having a lovely break too!


  1. I'm having a similar weekend in that I don't have anything pressing to do. I found a cool park I want to visit that has awesome views of San Francisco, so I'll probably trek out there. OR, just get on a bus and see where it takes me :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Saturdays are busy with sport for us, but Sundays....relax time.

    We didn't eat breakfast until close to 11am this morning! The kids had made themselves a little cereal to hold them over and were busy playing until we got up around 9.30am then pottered before making pancakes (which the 9yo threw together). School holidays as well. That's why. :)


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