06 August 2011

Good Things...

From Zim and Zou, possibly my most favourite thing ever.  Typography + paper craft + embroidery. It's called 'Weave', it's a font, it's beautiful.  Go love it some more here.

Have you discovered kickstarter yet?  It's an amazing site where you can pledge to support a whole bunch of arty, crafty, creative projects.  In return, if the project you've pledged to support is successful in reaching it's funding goal, you'll be rewarded for your support in a whole range of fun and creative ways (the rewards are designed by the people behind each project - so they may include anything from a hug, to something tangible like a print or tickets to an event, to something like a one on one Skype session to discuss your shared passion for typography).  

I first heard about kickstarter through Dannielle, who was promoting this great project by Jessica Swift.  It is such a lovely way to get involved in the creative community, to directly help people whose ideas you like.  They do have a section for 'small projects' (less than $1000), but even on the bigger projects you can become a backer for as little as $1!  Or maybe you have a project that needs funding?  

From Kurt Riedi and Steffi Gloor, a rather charming way to view the weather forecast (found via Mrs Eliot Books).  Here in Seoul the weather has been swinging between deadly monsoonal rain and stifling sticky heat, but at least now the forecast can look pretty.

Simply amazing critters by Melbourne artist Troy Emery (I can't remember how I got on to these, if it was because of you please let me know).  In his sculptures, Troy explores craft and natural history and creates all kinds of awesome.  Would love to see one of these sculptures in the real world some time.
And last but most definitely not least, my Grandma is a good thing and then some.  Here she is with my sister and I (note the co-ordinating parkas!) on 'Australia's Favourite Steam Train' (I quote) Puffing Billy.  

My Grandma is quite a remarkable person.  She's always been around to look after the gaggle of grand kids and great grand kids; she's been the tough glue that's held our big messy sprawling extended family together.  Strong, caring, confident, quick to laugh.  Stubborn as a mule at times (no, I didn't inherit that, why do you ask?) and unlikely to say no to a glass of bubbles (no, I didn't inherit that either. *cough*).  

She's now 90 and lying unconscious in a hospital bed, hopefully at peace.  She is in all of our hearts and our minds.  And even though she's 'had a good innings' as they say, all our hearts are breaking a little right now.  I'm flying out to Melbourne tomorrow, possibly to say goodbye.  If things are a bit quiet here over the next week, you'll now why.


  1. Have a safe trip. I'll be thinking of you and your grandma and your family! <3

  2. So sorry about your grandma. My grandma passed away in July of last year in the states. I was in Rome and couldn't make it back to be with her. I'm glad you have that opportunity. Take care.

  3. Troy Emery's work looks amazing,but really I just wanted to say I am so sorry to here your sad news I know how you must be feeling my Grandmar (I called her nanny) past away last year she was 101 they are just such special people, my thoughts are with you xxx

  4. Just noticed the bit about the funding project Emily isn't that a fantastic Idea I am off to take a peek :)

  5. only just found this post - skipped me at the time, wanted to say now some three months downthe track the reference to Gran (mum) still reduced em to tears, I so miss the smile that she had when I visited her and how pleased she was to see me even though she often thought I was her sister rather than her daughter, and yes I thinkyou have inherited her love of a little bubbly...


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