27 August 2011

Seoul Sky

The rain has finally stopped in Seoul and we are currently experiencing what one might call 'Summer'.  It's been perfect sitting-on-the-balcony-with-a-glass-of-wine-before-dinner weather.  But there's still hot and cold air battling it out and isolated thunder storms do pop up here and there.  All of which means we have been experiencing some pretty spectacular skies in Seoul of late.  I took these photos a few days ago, when there was a rain storm in the distance just around dusk. Beautiful yes?  

ps. I saw on Instagram the other day someone calling these 'Jesus clouds', referencing images like this I guess.  Jesus clouds!  I quite like that.  And speaking of Instagram, did you see my post of the Seoul sunset the other night?  It was quite magical.


  1. Oh, wow - amazing indeed! We have pretty similar 'summers' (ha!) here in the UK, and beautiful late-evening skies always make up for grizzly, drizzly days, I think.

    Am loving looking round your blog, btw. :)


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