03 August 2011

Little Treasures

Did you see yesterday's post about my visit to Hongdae and the Free Market?  Weren't those little pincushions irresistible?  Clearly I thought they were, because I bought one home with me!  So adorable!  I love finding little treasures like this - small things that are lovingly made, useful and not too expensive.  They inject a little bit of happiness into your every day life, don't you think?  

I also stumbled across this little box of wonder in one of the many Hongdae stationery shops.  It's full of stickers featuring Scandinavian matchbox designs.  There is just too much ace-ness in here for me to soak in!  Look at those patterns, those colours!  (Also, please note bubblegum manicure also procured in Hongdae.)

And lastly, the cutest pencils ever!

Have you uncovered any little treasures lately?


  1. oh my goodness! that pin cushion is too cute!! :)

    I love the matchbox designs too! I wish I could come to seoul and that market with you!

  2. Super fun stuff! The market looked like a good time as well!

  3. OMG these are all to die for.....I would love to buy the pencils and stickers, is there a link to the shop or people who make them?

  4. How remiss of me!

    The pincushion was made by Jin Hyo Jung and Kang Eun Soon - I got it from the Hongdae Free Market (see the post just before this one). This is their website (it's all in Korean though!) : http://xoxo_o.blog.me/

    The stickers are made in Korea by 7321design. They have an English website with global contacts : http://www.7321.co.kr/

    The pencils were just a random find in a stationery shop in Hongdae, no branding of any use I'm afraid!

    Hope that helps :)

  5. Thank you so much.....I actually found those on Etsy by chance....WIN.


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