11 August 2011

Death by Doxie: The Outtake Edition

In last week's Death by Doxie the ever handsome Elfi helped me launch my latest giveaway (which is running all this month - have you entered yet?  You can do so here).  It was her first 'real' photo shoot, with props and expectations and all that.  She did not come through with flying colours, but these photos crack me up (plus I really like the lighting and the persepctive).  So, here is Elfi trying to run away, steadfastly refusing to look at the camera, and generally hating every second of it...


  1. Oh Elfi please keep still, smile for the camera, I want to see your cute face & you have such a lovely yellow ribbon too :) I carn't keep still either I am off to see what lovely giveaway you have :) x

  2. oh my goodness those little legs kill me! slfi is so cute!!

  3. Haha, Elfi is so cute! Why do pets only like to get involved when there's chaos involved? ;)

  4. How can anyone possibly exist without a dog in their life? My favorite quote (stenciled on the wall in my kitchen): "At times of great joy each of us wishes we possessed a tail we could wag." --W. H. Auden. Apparently that wasn't such a time for Elfi.....

    Found you through etsy greetings team. Hi!



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