24 August 2011

What I wore...

Well, I've finally succumbed to complete and utter narcissism - presenting my first (and possibly, though hopefully not, last) 'what I wore' post!  I've been toying with doing some of these after seeing them here and there over the past 12 months, and especially after seeing them on lots of blogs that aren't 'fashion' blogs.  But then I was kind of put off after asking the husband to take some pics of a favourite outfit one day - his reply? 'that's a bit weird, don't you think?'.

But then I read this great post by Jess from Epheriell Designs about fashion as play which really struck a cord.  Yes, dressing up should be fun!  As a kid I was a tom boy and a bit of a geek - the nerdy outsider with good dose of 'alternative' thrown in.  I had trouble putting together an outfit that I was happy with, putting together something that told the world a little bit about me.  So it's been a pleasant surprise that as I've got older I've started having fun playing dress ups.  And hence, you get to put up with the most narcissistic of blog posts.  Indulge me, please?

I bought this dress from Mango years ago.  I didn't love it at the time but it has gone on to become a firm Summer favourite, the kind of frock that you know you'll miss when it finally does fall apart.  I like how the fabric has aged to, with the background dark blue getting a lovely washed out look which makes the colours jump out even more.  Plus ruching.  And pockets.  Love.  The shoes are my current favourites - wooden platforms from the 70s.  The wooden sole is curved up at the front so you kind of rock back and forth with each step you take!
Dress: Mango
Belt: Zara
Cardigan: Hong Kong street market
Dachshund: Jonathan Adler!

ps. Notice I don't say on what occasion I wore the outfit?  That's because if I dressed for occasions in my actual life I'd be blogging pictures of me in my pyjamas or my week old track pants saying 'what I wore whilst tweeting' or 'what I wore whilst buying the dog food'.  I realised I while ago that I'd have no fun (and spend my life in jeans and a t-shirt) if I always dressed appropriately for the 'occasions' in my life.

ps. Ignore my tan lines, okay?  Thanks...


  1. OOOH LOOK at you!!!
    You look ever so darling Emily!!
    I for one look forward to LOTS more "what I wore" posts!

    and I had to laugh. cos i spend my days in track pants and tshirts..and converse.. so i would struggle with the whole "where I wore it" thing too.:)

  2. I love this outfit posts! Yay. Kellie xx

  3. You are absolutely scrumptious!
    Not only is that dress & those shoes just smacking with fabulousness, but so is the decor! That wallpaper, the credenza & that Adler doxie. Please do continue to be narcissistic! ;)
    Also, I too, don't have many "occasions" in which to dress up - I try to do so even if it's just to get a cup of coffee at the cafe. I wish I could play dress up every day ... but then my PJs and jeans would feel left out.

  4. Great outfit...love the colours and those sandals, just screaming Springtime the only ringy ding time!

  5. Ejorpin I would happily fly to Soul & make you some pancakes if you let me borrow your shoes please I love them, the little cardie goes so well with your dress too I feel spring is not to far :))))

  6. Love your outfit and is that your house? Love the sideboard and wall paper too! x

  7. I think the outfit is chic. I too would be most often found in yoga pants, loose shirts or capris. I love your sense of humour.

  8. Nawww, thanks for all your lovely comments - very encouraging!

    And Emma - yes that's our apartment, but as expats we are currently renting so whilst I take credit for the dachshund and the sideboard, I can't claim the wallpaper as my own (I do love it though!).

  9. Wow - I love your dress, and I think it's a wonderful idea to do outfit posts ... I'm often too shy! :)

    PS. I'm such a sucker for a dress with pockets and ruching! :)

  10. Your outfit is really cute! :) Love the post by Jess - I could really relate as well! Might even inspire me to do a 'What I wore' post as well sometime in the future :)


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