26 August 2011

Death by Doxie: The Elfi Has Her Own Couch Edition

There is a couch in my office/study/craft stash/library/games room/disgrace.  It's a couch I bought many years ago in another life time - I was living in Balmain, Sydney and I so clearly remember finding the couch at a Freedom clearance centre.  It had a tiny little mark on it so was on sale for some absurdly cheap price, the only catch being that I had to get it home myself.  I can't remember how I got it home, I have a feeling I may have tried to carry it the 20 minute walk back to my little house. Or I may have tried to squish it in my Holden Astra.  Either way, it clearly was a traumatic process as I have now blocked it from my memory.

Anyway, no one sits on this couch unless the step sons are here and they're playing Wii (because the husband and I never play Wii without them here.  Of course not.  We wouldn't even know what Mario Kart was if we tripped over it.  Cough.).  And Ferdi is too short legged and physically challenged and, well, stupid to figure out how to get up there.  So Elfi is queen of this couch (up there she's sharing it with a little soft doxie friend, beautifully made by Kate Durkin).  
Wake up Elfi!


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