28 June 2010

Origami is good

I watched Between the Folds the other week.  It's a ripper of a documentary about the art and science of paper folding.  I found it most compelling to see how a bunch of artists and scientists take something so very passive and common and turn it into a thing of beauty, or an object full to the brim with emotion, or something that solves a complex problem.  And it also occurred to me that origami is the ultimate in handmade - it can't be any other way, can it?

Anyway, I loved it so much that I decided to have a week of origami on the blog!  This week I'll be sharing a whole bunch of stuff related to the wonderful art of playing with paper: origami masters, vintage books, Etsy finds and more.  And yes, there will be an origami edition of Death by Doxie.  Hurrah!

ps. those colourful things in the photo above are origami spinning tops folded by Joe, the origami maker in this blended/extended family.  They look amazing in full flight.  Joe is currently working on some very cool origami flowers so I hope to show you some of those during the week too.


  1. Joe folded those? Awesome...

  2. ooh origami week! sounds fab. did you see these cute origami dinosaurs?

    Super cute~

  3. ht - yep, he is pretty amazing at the old paper folding. He's been working all afternoon on an origami tessellation - stay tuned!

    alfalky - so tiny! so sweet! pity her Etsy shop is closed this week :(


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