26 June 2010

Cut Out And Collect

Writing about Polaroids yesterday reminded me of this fabulous bag which I've long admired.  It's made by one of my favourite Etsy sellers, Cut Out And Collect.  Her name is Cheyne and her stuff is awesome.

I've bought from this shop a few times and apart from the fact that Cheyne is super lovely to deal with, her products are so very very good.  Her fabric choices fill me with wonder and the quality of her seamstress-manship (yep, it's Saturday morning and I'm making up words - join in if you like!) is outstanding.  I have massive sewing-machine-skill envy every time I see one of her pieces.  And to top it all off the things she makes are totally useful!  My life is pretty much organised in Cut Out And Collect zip pouches.  True.

ps. in the course of writing this post, I accidently bought this gingham clutch from her shop.  Ooops.

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