10 June 2010


My husband - wise soul that he is - always says that good things are better than not good things.  Of course!

And sure, sometimes life sucks.  It can be stressful and awkward and senseless.  But I think that remembering the good things helps in having a happy life.  Especially the teeny little good things - taking the time to recognise and celebrate them, and to be thankful for them.

So, that's why this blog is called Good Things.  And mainly, that's what it'll be about.  Food, craft, travel, dachshunds, discoveries - all the good things!

Though that doesn't mean I won't very occasionally, maybe just every now and again, get up on the soap box...


  1. huzzah to being the first ever commenter !

  2. Looking forward to read your upcoming good things now :-)

  3. Thanks for the encouragement :)

    This blog thing is surprisingly a little frightening...


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