22 June 2010

Stumbled upon...

After today's Korean lesson (the teacher is laughing with me, not at me...the teacher is laughing with me, not at me...the teacher is...), I stumbled upon this exhibition, which featured the works of Korean photographer Seung Woo Back.

Nope, I'd never heard of him either (I am totally ignorant when it comes to Korean art...well, most Asian art actually), but I completely fell for his style.  The one up there is my favourite.  I would like this hanging on my wall, yes I would.

Happening upon the exhibition was a bright spark in an otherwise dull-ish day.  It made me appreciate the luxury I sometimes have to just wander about, to not always have to rush off to the next thing.  It means I can stumble across ace stuff, and share it with you too!

The exhibition also included a bunch of photos he took in 2001, during a trip to North Korea (like the one below).  Apparently his visit to the North went unnoticed, which meant his photos escaped  censorship.  They have a super-real quality to them I think, and I like them a lot.


  1. The photo of the kids is undoubtedly a brother and sister who, just like here in Australia, have probably been asked to perform for their parents' guests! Love it!

  2. So true! I love how they are dressed in their 'Sunday best' and the slightly awkward, slightly proud expressions


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