11 June 2010


A year or so ago a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of swap-bot and although I've been a bit absent over the past 6 months (the fun of moving countries tends to curtail extracurricular activities) I do love it so.

I especially love the handcrafted swaps - it's a little bit special getting a package in the mail with something a total stranger has made, just for you.  Sometimes there's a bit of drama, a bit of angst, over at swap-bot but on the whole it's full of lovely caring-sharing people from all over the globe.  Nice.

These little dachshund puppies are for a 'crafty doxie' swap I'm about to post.  I'm sending it late (which is one of the swap-bot seven deadly sins) but I'm making the package extra special to make up for it (I hope...).

I made them using this pattern from Audrey and Maude - so cute!

Do you swap?  Do you love getting surprises in the mail?

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  1. aw i used to be on swapbot too! i retired due to the drama and the growing number of un-even good swap partners. but i did meet some lovely 'friends' on there. we should do a crafty little swap some time if you'd like!


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