20 June 2010

Strawberry jam on toast

I love my two hounds, I totally do.  But my gosh can they make you feel like a horrible, horrible person when you're trying to treat them for an illness.  Ferdi (that's him up there) has a nasty ear infection at the moment, which means I get the joy of giving him antibiotics and pinning him down to clean his ears twice a day.

So now, Ferdi hates me.  He seems to think I am some kind of devil woman whose only purpose is to squirt liquids in his ear and shove strange powders down his throat.

The worst part is, you can't explain to a dog 'it hurts in the short-term but it will make you feel better in the long run' (well you can, but it just makes you look like a crazy lady who talks to her dogs.  I know.)  Even when you give them a dog lollipop afterwards for being brave I don't think they really understand it.  Next time, they just want to skip straight to the lollipop.

Anyway, after this mornings ear cleaning he ran and hid under the bed.  And when I tried to get him out he growled at me!  He never growls!

And the only way I could lure him out?  Hot buttery toast with strawberry jam.  OK, I may have eaten all some of it (yummo!), but a little trail of crumbs and Ferdi is out from under the bed and happy to see me again...until tonight, at least.

UPDATE - June 21: I just took Ferdi to the vet and his ear is better, but not best.  So it's another week of him hiding under the bed and thinking I'm evil.  About to go stock up on toast, butter and jam.  Hoping it'll make us both feel better...

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