12 June 2010

It's a lazy morning kinda weekend...

Is there something you do on those luxurious days where you have time to spare? Something that says 'this day is all mine!'?

For us, it's lazy mornings.   My husband is a busy guy and he travels a fair bit, so when we get whole days together with no obligations we make the most of them.  Sleep ins and late, long breakfasts reading the paper are what we do.

This rainy Saturday morning we whipped up a continental breakfast - crusty bread, cured meats, reggiano, boiled eggs - delicious!

Some mornings we do a proper English fry up, baked beans and all - rather popular with the consistently ravenous step-sons when they are in town (I'm always astonished at how much growing boys can eat, crikey!).  Sometimes it's breakfast steaks, sometimes it's egg and lettuce sandwiches.  Alas, it's never ever been pancakes.

But it doesn't really matter what we make - it's about actually having the time to make it and linger over it.

I love lazy weekend mornings, don't you?


  1. how lovely...great photograph too.
    I had a gorgeous lazy weekend breakfast today too, nothing like having time to laze about with loved ones, 'tis precious.

  2. Em, only you two could make a lazy weekend look so incredibly well organised, love it... M

  3. You are so right Alfalky - precious is the word. Time is a rare and precious commodity!


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