16 June 2010

Death by Doxie*

I'm a sucker for alliteration, so I wanted to have a regular 'Daily Dose of Doxie' post. But whilst the chances of me posting a dachshund photo every single day are actually surprisingly high, I've opted instead for a little less sausage dog and a little more outright plagiarism (see note below).  Hence 'Death by Doxie'.  I will commit to one dachshund feature a week though, okay?  So, here's Elfi about a month ago enjoying spring in the gorgeous Namsan park.

Namsan is a mountain right in the heart of Seoul and right near our apartment.  It looks a little like this and is a beautiful place to go exploring.  The dogs love it, and so do I!

It's now hot and humid here (boo), and before that it was hot and dry (yay), and before that - when this photo was taken - it was just sunny and nice and warm, with spring flowers and fresh green growth everywhere.  Beautiful! (By the way, before that it was freezing and windy and grey and snowy.  I am already fretting about getting through my first full winter here, with average temps around -2 degrees celsius.  Help!)

Anyhoo, I haven't seen what autumn is like yet but I can say that if you're planning to visit Seoul, spring really is a beautiful time of year.

*with apologies to @pilgrim_lee for blatantly ripping off her words...

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