23 June 2010

Death by Doxie

I bought some beanbags recently (and before you go all interior-design-snobbery on me, they are cube beanbags from Muji - the home of streamlined, simple chic.  So there).  They were meant for my step-sons, but while the boys are back in their first home for a bit the dogs have kind of taken them over.

I should probably kick them off but how could I!  Ferdi looks way too comfortable, right?  I especially like his expression in the first photo, like he's on the brink of getting away with something just a little bit naughty!  Yeah Ferdi!


  1. nawww.. my son liked this post. he asked what the four "soch-sidge" dogs were called and i had to explain it was just the one shot from multiple angles haha. i think i may be developing a doggie+beanbag problem: i saw this beanbag (http://www.etsy.com/listing/49341293/big-sleeping-grizzly-bear-bean-bag?ref=v1_other_2) on etsy and immediately wanted to see a doxie on it.

  2. Too cute! Tell him I kinda wish I had four of them...

    And that beanbag! Maybe the hounds might be too scared to go near it


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