18 February 2011

Death by Doxie

When I got back from Hong Kong last week I did what I normally do and dumped the contents of my suitcase on our bed so I could gradually pick away at the pile, whilst listening to the radio and getting distracted by a thousands other things.  The lovely Elfi decided to 'help' me unpack.  Thanks Elfi...


  1. Emily, Elffi is such a heart-warming sweetheart.
    Look at the snuggle-vogueing manoeuvre in that first photo.

    Our four-legged family members, you've just got to love them AND hug them!

    Enjoy catching up on your Elf-snuggles this weekend,

    Felicity x

  2. oh elfi! i see that snout and i lose all reason.. my poor boy has to put up with minutes of me pointing and saying 'look! look! awwww'

  3. haha! Imagine what it's like for my loved ones - I live with that damn cute snout everyday!

  4. Aww, what a cutie! She must be happy to have her mum home!

  5. I love it when I see Gracie curled up on a pile of my clothes ... I like to think it's cause she misses me & the smell of my clothes makes her feel closer to me.
    Even though the real reason is that it's a pile of fabric, and how fabulous is that to lie on? ;)
    Or perhaps ... it's our pups telling us never to leave them again, not for an hour nor a week, or ever.

  6. Oh those eyes! Someone loves you very much : ) What a lovely face to come home too.


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