26 February 2011

Good things...

Oh my!  So many good things that I'm stumbling across at the moment, I don't quite know where to begin!

First up, UPPERCASE.  I found UPPERCASE a little while ago, as I wanted to get my hands on some of the books they publish (starting with The Suitcase Series, so wonderful!) but I only just realised they had a magazine (doh!).  So I'm now a proud subscriber and the first issue I received (issue 8) could not have been more perfect.  

Yes, the paper stock, the fonts, the colours, the images, the words are all beautiful, but what made this very special is that the issue is all about 'surprising plays of scale' - big things made little, little things made big.  This is heaven for me in no uncertain terms.  Plus there's some lovely letterpress features thrown in to.  Go get it, I say!

Inside the lovely UPPERCASE, there was an article about the art of making miniatures, and putting them together to create the most amazing doll houses.  The article led me to this Flickr group.  But before you click, I warn you, be prepared to waste a fine hour or so marveling at mid-century modern writ tiny!  [photo by More2view]

Next, the BBC series Sherlock.  Now, if someone had of told me I'd enjoy a modern take on Sherlock I would have quite likely said 'bullocks!'.  But...we watched the DVD recently and it was witty and fun and quite darkly beautiful to look at.  It's a bit sad they only made three episodes, I hope there is more soon?  Have you seen it?  Did you like it?

Lastly, some new blogs I've developed minor crushes on.  There's so much to love about artist Kerry's blog seventy tree, and I am a little bit in love with her Big Drop prints.  Also, Katie over at Curating Cuteness does exactly that, I think.  Go have a look!


  1. I love reading about all your finds - love the variety of things that fascinate you ;~D

  2. So many wonderful good things you've collected here! :)

    I've often meant to subscribe to Uppercase magazine, and I think you may have finally convinced me ... it sounds wonderful.


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