23 February 2011

Spring has sprung!

Last Sunday it was a beautiful, sunny 12 degrees celsius.  For the first time in forever the husband and I spent our Sunday afternoon sitting on the balcony, reading, sipping white wine and complaining about being too hot.  It's amazing how quickly the weather can turn - a week ago sitting on the balcony meant risking frostbite (hence why a mere 12 degrees feels like a warm Summer's day to us now!).

To celebrate the spring-ing of Spring I went to the flower market in Namdaemun and got some delicious smelling things (I have no idea what type of bloom they are, I can identify a daisy and a rose and that's about it...so if you know please tell me!).  I also picked up a gorgeous succulent for the Hornsea bowl that I was unable to resist buying a few weeks ago (Hornsea is my new love, I feel the irresistible pull of another collection brewing...)


  1. I'm not sure but your sweet smelling blooms look like they could be stocks.
    As for the succulent = it truly is succulent!

    felicity x

  2. hope i can visit the flower market too! and i am looking forward to a bit of winter chill , so i hope it doesn't warm up too much in the next month. less than 5 weeks to go - cant wait!!!!


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