03 February 2011

Happy New Year (again)!

Right now we are in the midst of perhaps the years biggest holiday in Asia - the Lunar New Year. So, happy new year, once again!  If your new year's resolutions fell down in January, now's your chance to start afresh, again!  And if you are celebrating the new year, I wish you a happy, healthy, shiny Year of the Rabbit!

Right now we should also be well in to our Korean road trip, and hopefully we are having a wonderful time.  Hopefully we aren't stuck in the years biggest traffic jam (everyone heads back to their home town to celebrate the new year...)

These gorgeous little daffodils are a new year gift from our gardeners, who are the sweetest ladies (and very talented to boot!).  I adore these bight sunny flowers, they make me realise that this bitter winter is going to end at some point.  Oh yes it is!


  1. I love daffodils! So pretty and old-fashioned!

  2. Happy New Year - I love the daffodils (they're so bright and happy).


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