22 February 2011

Things to love about Korea #1: Choco pie

I sincerely believe that, assuming your health, finances and relationships are not in dire straights, part of being happy and not falling in to a black pit of cynicism and despair at the madness of the world, the general futility of existence and the sky rocketing price of milk is to take time to appreciate the little things.  And there are lots of little things to love in the world (like miniature dachshunds, for starters).

And although people and places are (in the end) more similar than they are different, each place does have it's own little things to love.  And seeing as I'm living in Korea, I thought I might tell you about some of Korea's little things that I love, beginning with the delicious choco mallow 'pie' (it's actually more of a biscuit, but seems to get called a pie).

I've only recently discovered the choco mallow pie, and I'm so glad I did!  It's kind of a national snack food (Wikipedia says it's to Koreans what Oreos are to Americans), and it's kind of bland but in a good way - soft biscuity goodness, sweet (but not too sweet) marshmallow, all coated in a thin layer of chocolate.  It's kind of like a fattened up version of a Wagon Wheel, but without the jam (though I think you can get them with jam too, maybe).  The perfect afternoon pick me up!  Such a pity I had to eat one in order to take these photos...


  1. Now if you put the pictures back in reverse, you'll get your choco pie back! :D
    Good stuff...

  2. I absolutely can't get enough of Choco Pie! We have a good supply of them here in Taiwan, always a good TV snack :)

  3. Maggie - I think that can be arranged! x


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