24 February 2011

My Creative Space

Playing along with kootoyoo today...

I've been wanting to finish this winter's day inspired embroidery for ever, so I've pulled it out of storage and I'm keeping it on my desk where I can see it and where I can sew a few stitches whenever I'm waiting for a web site to upload, or a program to update, or an email to be answered.

I'm lucky that my office/crafting area/library/step-sons game room gets the afternoon sun.  It's the nicest way to wind down the day - I find embroidery quite calming, and it's especially so with the warm sun streaming in.

What are you working on, right now?

ps. That awesome 'english breakfast' tea bag pin cushion is by the very talented littleclouds.  You can get one here, if you want.


  1. Pretty! Is that going to be a wall hanging?

  2. Thanks and yes, that's the plan! I'm planning to do a series of 4" hoops for the shop, all with a seasonal theme...


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