13 February 2011

Going bonkers in Honkers...

Last Sunday it was my birthday and it was a kind of non-event.  The husband was neck deep in work and due to the lunar new year the post was delayed so no packages to open... But I did get a ton of birthday emails and messages, and my lovely family Skyped me and they all sang Happy Birthday, and I made myself a delicious birthday dinner and got to do some crafting (and watched Catfish - oh my!) so it was a pretty good day all in all.

Then, as a birthday treat to myself I escaped to Hong Kong for two nights!  I may have mentioned this before but I seriously adore Hong Kong.  It was sunny and warm and the sky was blue and the air almost clear (a rare occurrence).  I got my hair cut for the first time in months and months (what a difference!) and had my nails painted a very bright hue and I looked at lots of pretty things.  It was a lovely indulgence, I am a very lucky lady.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the trip (you'll find more on my Flickr, soon) - I especially love the one below of a gorgeous kid walking by some transparent lunar new year decorations.  Kind of looks like she has a shiny pink aura bursting from her, don't you think?


  1. Love the photos and so glad you had a good birthday trip

  2. you are right, the photo of th elittle girl through the decoration looks positively magical

  3. nice photos, 2 days huh? Why so short? The weather was quite lovely and now today....*shudders*

    Merry Birthday (belated)

  4. A belated happy birthday ... and I love your photos, sounds (and looks) like a wonderful trip was had.

    You've reminded me that I'm also long overdue for a hair cut ... :)


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