16 February 2011


Ahoy there!  How are you going?  How is your 2011 / Year of the Rabbit kicking off?  Mine is doing great.  Well, it's doing okay.  Actually, to be honest, although there has been some sweet spots, so far it's been a little frustrating, a little trying to swim to the surface and not quite getting there. There's been lots of unfinished to do lists, lots of interruptions, lots of things breaking down and people getting sick.  And it feels like tomorrow, things are going to get less crazy, if only I can just figure out how to get to tomorrow.

I feel a bit like I'm chasing after a giant bowl of ice cream (preferably Hoboken Crunch), which is being towed by a team of giant sleigh bunnies (bear with me).  And I can get close enough to taste a little melted drop of that caramel crunch goodness, and then the bunnies get a burst of energy, or I trip over...

Do you ever feel that way?  I'm thinking maybe not, but it's my metaphor and I'm sticking with it (though I am starting to think I shouldn't blog so much about the things that pop in to my head while I'm lying awake at 4am).

If you're an illustrator and you'd like to draw a giant bowl of ice cream pulled by a team of giant bunnies, please do.  I think it might make many people very happy.

Photo up there is of Rocky the rabbit, from here.  For more, have a look here.  But looking may compel you to run out and by a bunny.  I know I want to.


  1. that's a cute metaphor, can't say i've thought of it that way.

    But, I can really identify with the idea of trying to workout how to get to tomorrow.

    We'll get there though. :)

  2. Oh I totally get your metaphor! It's a frustrating feeling, feeling like everything is juuuust out of reach. But then you added bunnies, so it's a cute metaphor. And now I reeeeally want ice-cream.

  3. Oh I think it is a great metaphor - too often I think tomorrow might be better but haven't as yet figured out a way to get there without tripping over today.
    I love the way you write and if it means writing the first thing that pops into your head at 4am then I say go for it. Thank you once again for an entertaining piece.

  4. Such an adorable bunny! (although really when aren't the being adorable?) ;)

    You've completely summed up my year so far ... while I'm still convinced this will ultimately be a great year, I just don't think I'm there yet ... I'm still waiting for that 'tomorrow' to come ... at least we can all take comfort that we're not alone in feeling such frustrations.

    Take care.


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