01 February 2012

Holiday Slideshow : Death Valley

These pics were taken at Zabriskie Point, in Death Valley.  Pretty amazing huh?  Death Valley is pretty amazing actually - apparently it's one of the hottest, driest, lowest places on earth (I was pretty glad we were there in the cool season, I imagine it would be almost unbearable in Summer).  There's peaks and troughs and giant salt plains; there's sand and stone of all colours and mighty, ferocious winds.  And apparently some scenes from the original Star Wars were filmed there.  Awesome.

With all these wonderful natural patterns around me, I couldn't resist taking a few black and white shots. I think Death Valley looks pretty great sans colour, don't you?


  1. Yes, they're amazing! (Again!) What camera and lens are you using, if you don't mind me asking? Kellie xx PS really does suit that pale black and white. Lovely.

    1. Naww, thanks for your sweet comment!

      For these shots I'm just using my trusty Canon 550D (also known as the rebel) and the standard lens it comes with (18-55 mm). Two things - 1) I did a basic 'get to know your DSLR course' and this has made a huge difference to my photos (mainly because I know know how to adjust everything to fit the light situation); and 2) the place was amazing, I think you'd have to try pretty darn hard to take a bad photo!

  2. Fantastic photos! Death Valley is definitely somewhere on my list of places to go. It looks even more beautiful in black and white.

  3. Such fabulous photos! What a great trip!

    Stopping by from Dough, Dirt & Dye.


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