19 February 2012

Everyday Objects : Vintage Cactus Glasses

I'm not a hoarder, but I'm by no means a minimalist either.  I do like having things, but they need to be carefully selected things.  Over the years my husband and I have built up a nice collection of everyday objects, things that we use day in day out but that speak to us in some way.  

Be they tacky or beautiful, simply styled or elaborately decorated, each of these things that we own have something delightful about them - a link to a fond travel memory, a handmade touch, thoughts of family or friends, classic design, vintage quirk or maybe just being perfectly designed to match a specific purpose.  

And I think we should all celebrate and enjoy the elements of design in our day to day lives.  Maybe you have a special cup for your tea each morning?  Or perhaps a crochet blanket made by your Nana that you snuggle under each night?  Yes, these are just 'things', but I think these small objects bring a little bit of happiness in to our lives when we use them each day.  

So, with that rather long winded and somewhat high reaching introduction, welcome to the first 'everyday objects' post on Good Things*!  Some of the objects I'm going to share with you have a story, some don't.  These vintage cactus glasses don't, but they are possibly my most favourite glasses ever, and I feel quite privileged to have them in my cupboard.

I first spied them in Mahleewan's fabulous Etsy shop Retro Rubbish whilst I was on a rather obsessive hunt for some vintage yellow napkins.  It was love at first sight, international shipping and all.

I've since learned that these glasses were given away by a chain of Arizona based gas stations in the 1950s and 1960s (read more here).  And (oh dear!) that apparently there is a matching pitcher, and a juice set, and dinnerware all with a cactus theme.  All of which I think I might need to track down...


  1. I think your cactus glasses are absolutely awesome, and how lovely you use them every day.

  2. Collections are awesome. Especially those that you can add to, like these. Do you have thrift stores where you live? Did you get a chance to go to any while you were here on vacation?

    1. Most unfortunately I haven't stumbled upon any thrift stores in Korea yet (although there is the odd flea market), so I really miss the fun of thrifting - when I head back home I'm always dragging my sister off to some op-shops!

      And driving through the US was TORTURE - I kept spying all kinds of antique and vintage shops but with the husband and two step-sons in the care there was absolutely no hope of us stopping (out voted!). But I'm heading to Orlando in April and the husband will be working most of the time, so I might just have to sneak away and do some thrifting then!

  3. Every day objects which we sometimes overlook but can also mean so much. Currently most of mine are tucked away in storage but I do have a special little childhood toy that I carry around with me in my bag. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of your everyday objects!

  4. Those glasses are amazing ... best of luck with completing the rest of the collection. :)
    I like your approach to ownership - it's not always about minimalism, but sometimes about the significance of an item or the joy that it brings to your world. xx

  5. These are gorgeous. Its things like this that bring out the hoarder in me too. I think its the combination of cloudy glass and vivid colours...

  6. Oh, these are wonderful! I love to collect things like this. I have a crazy collection of all of the looney tunes jam glasses from the 90s, they are too kitsch for some people but they make me smile.
    I can't wait to see more of this series!x


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