28 February 2012

Five happy days in Melbourne!

Well, I was hoping to get a bit of warmth in Australia and Melbourne certainly turned on the sunshine and the heat (and then the humidity and the rain).  It's been a fabulous five days hanging out with family and friends (including meeting some on-line friends for the first time - the lovely lady behind Bess Georgette en route in Hong Kong, and the gorgeous Dannielle on a rainy Melbourne afternoon).

There's been tree climbing (the nephews, not me...), swimming and sliding, and perhaps a little bit too much shopping (I'm currently putting off the tricky task of trying to fit everything in my suitcase, I'm not entirely convinced it can be done).

As always, my Melbourne visit has been about food, food, food!  I've eaten as much cheese, crumpets and Summer fruits as is humanly possible in five short days; had the most delicious Thai meal at Longrain (so very tasty!); enjoyed tacos in the park on a very sunny Sunday; and shared some delicious dishes at The Aylesbury with my sister and mum.  Yum.

Next stop Sydney and Port Stephens - crossing my fingers for not too much rain...


  1. Totally looks like happy days! Hooray for fun times and good things right? Can't promise you sunshine in Sydney, but it sure has been hot and humid and rainy!!! We have cabin fever.
    Oh and HI! Sorry I've been a stranger...!

  2. Beautiful bokeh shot!
    It certainly looks like Melbourne had its best weather behaviour on for you. YAY!

    It was so lovely meeting you in person! I've been eyeing off your green shoes in H&M. :)

  3. Oh no it's raining in Sydney st the moment! Crossing my fingers for you that the weather clears. x

  4. Safe travels. Perhaps you'll have to ship your purchases home to avoid overloading the suitcase.:)

  5. Wonderful colors and images!

  6. I'm so glad you had a good time in Melbourne!! It was lovely to catch up with you in person! We much do it again some time :)

  7. So glad you have had fun I sooo love crumpets :) enjoy Sydney & safe journey back home. xx


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