10 February 2012

Death by Doxie : Spot the Elfi!

It's finally been a bit chilly here in Seoul of late, and Elfi is not quite as equipped to cope with it as the fluffy Ferdi is.  There's an Elfi hiding from the cold in there somewhere - can you spot her?


  1. Ahhh Me and my wife want a dachshund so bad but can't get one at the moment unfortunately....Longing for the day!

    1. Dachshunds are the best! I wanted one for years before I got it together enough to have these two. I actually really want a third one and have a whole pack of them, but I think it's unfair to get another hound until I know where I'll be living in 12 months time...

  2. Awwww, Elfi!
    You constantly slay me with your adorableness. <3

  3. *sigh* what lovely photos! Your dogs rock every picture don't they?!

  4. Awww bless they are sooo cute!!! :))

  5. Nawww ... what a cutie! Elfi clearly knows where the warmest spot to be is. :)


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