01 February 2012

Collecting Colour : Information for you!

Well, it turns out that some of you are excited about the Collecting Colour challenge, which is pretty ace but it's also made me realise I have no idea what I'm doing.  No, really.  No idea.  It's fairly obvious I'm just making this up as I go along.  But, thanks to some key questions from more seasoned bloggers/challenge participants (I'm looking at you Saylor Made and Brandi!) I've finally got myself kind of sort of maybe organised.

What is the Collecting Colour challenge? Each month you curate a collection of objects based around the colour for that month, photograph it and post it somewhere (your blog, Flickr, Instagram).    

Where can I post my links? In the first week of each month I'll be doing a Collecting Colour blog post which will include a place to put your links (like this one). 

Does it matter if I miss a month? No, of course not!  Join in whenever and however you can.

So, I think that's it.  Let me know if I missed anything (which I probably have).  Have fun!


  1. I think you need annotations on the photos (please...)

    1. Oh yes - maybe I'll do that via notes on Flickr. The inner organization freak in me quite likes this idea!

  2. This is awesome, Emily!! So excited. Now I've got to hunt down all the colors I can find!

  3. Looks fun! Not sure where to find coral, but I'll start paying attention! Nice project!

  4. Neat! Hey, got a question..what program do you use to edit things like this, things with text/photos?

    1. Hey there Saskia - at the moment I use picnik.com for adding those opaque shapes and text. Picnik is super user friendly and I love it dearly BUT the site is shutting down in a few months which is no fun at all. Boo to that I say. I think I may have to finally take the plunge and get acquainted with Photoshop...

  5. I'm a late bloomer Em, but now that I've started let me tell you I'm hooked!
    It's early May and I'm seeing purple EVERYWHERE [sorry about the loud voice], it's just incredible how this has awakened my awareness.
    I've even bought a purple dress and shoes, and have had so many compliments - it's not a colour I'm normally drawn to.

    Happy day my colour-loving friend and thank you for the fun!


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