11 July 2011

New in the shop! Plus, I need your help...

Hello!  How is everything going?  Are you enjoying the guest blog posts?  Found some new favourite blogs yet? Well, whilst I'm lying in the sun poolside neck deep in gelato and with some sort of fruity alcoholic drink in my hand rising at 5 each morning to do yoga and spending my days visiting culturally and historically significant sites across Europe, I thought I'd give you a little update on my Etsy shop!  Introducing the groovy new layered flower range!  The gift tags above are my favourite so far, I can't wait to make some more of those.  And I think the cards have turned out pretty sweet too.

But here's where I need your help!  I am not so good at describing my products and I'd really like to give this range/design a name but I have no idea what to call it or how to describe it without sounding like a total loon/loser.  So please!  Any suggestions, adjectives, names you might be able to throw at me would be so very helpful...brain storm away my friends!


  1. paper garden? blooming happy?

    i'm not very good with this sort of thing.

  2. When I see these beautiful little flowers, the words "Pinwheel Pretties" comes to mind. Good luck!

  3. Thanks to you both! Wonderful suggestions - I especially like 'paper garden' :)

  4. Hi Emily -

    Thanks for visiting my blog - which led me happily to your fantastic blog; great photos, yummy food, beautiful products. And I LOVE your "blatant self promotion" label ;-).


  5. the word Pinwheel came to my mind, too!
    Also, "crazy daisies" - they have an almost hypnotic vibe, your pretty paper posies!
    (oh! paper posies sounds good too!)


Your comments make me happier than you could possibly imagine. Really! Thank you.