08 July 2011

Guest Post: Visit the Beer Can House with Lisa of Nest Interiors!

Lisa is a store owner (of Nest Interiors)  crafter and blogger based in Louisiana, USA who I first met as part of the blog writing team over at Handmade Spark.  She has a background in interior design and is incredibly passionate about creativity and the handmade community.  Today, she is going to take us somewhere truly unique!

The Drinks are on the House!

Between renovated bungalows and newly fashioned condominiums, there is a hidden gem in this up and coming Houston, Texas neighbourhood.  At first glance you wonder if crazy magpies collected all this shiny stuff and then you realize you've found the Beer Can House.  Yes, a house comprised of mainly beer cans, though you'll find plenty of bottles too!

Begun in 1968 by homeowner John Milkovisch, he admitted it was a lot easier than painting every year. Since his passing, Houstonians have rallied to recognize this amazing work of folk art and are in the process of restoring his original vision.  During my visit in March it was apparent that this work is on going as the vintage lock to the house broke and the volunteers couldn't open the door for my visit.

The outside however is filled with plenty of inspiration.  I was amazed by the pattern play of aluminum, bottles, even cemented marbles and shells...no surface is left unadorned.  Walking through, listening to the house (because, yes, it actually sings with it's tin garlands) I couldn't help but think about the impossible number of hours this tinkerer-come-artist spent on this magical place.

I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for these crazy, lifelong, one-man's-dream/tinkering/ridiculous hobby turns into amazing artwork stories!  Thank you Lisa, for sharing this with us!  And if you are like me and enjoy these monuments to everyday creativity, I'd highly recommend the book Destination Art which gives a great overview of some of them from all over the globe (along with many more 'traditional' sculptural installations).

Also, make sure you check out Lisa's latest project - Cottage Nest - a collaborative blog about all aspects of craft, handmade and creativity.  If you're interested in submitting posts to this lovely new blog, you can find all the information right here.


  1. Thanks so much Emily for allowing me to guest post here! I hope you are having a fantastic vacation!!

  2. Oh my, I don't drink beer (never could desire the taste for some reason), but this house rocks! WOW:)


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