16 July 2011

Guest Post: Good Things with Ngaire from fox and deer

Today I am very happy to welcome fellow dachshund lover Ngaire to my blog!  I'll let her fill you in on the details...


Hi and Hello!  Lovely to meet you!  My name is Ngaire (pronounced Nigh-re), I'm from Brisbane, Australia and I'm the curator of fox and deer blog.  Emily and I have formed a wee bit of a doxie appreciation friendship after I started following her on Twitter, and loved her beautiful photos of Ferdi and Elfi. [awww shucks Ngaire - you're making us all blush over here!]  I am also the owner of a doxie, of the overly large and red kind...this is Lola!

Aka DDW - Dead. Dog. Walking.  So named for her unending ability to ruin, eat or otherwise destroy practically everything we own.  She too is a dishwasher diver and appreciator of sun baths and food. ANY KIND of food (food being a fairly loose term, as her ideas of food and ours do differ somewhat...).  So, that is how Emily and I began to know each other, and I am thrilled to be filling in for her on this blog post while she is away.

I thought I would challenge you to think about your own list of five good things - what if you had all the resources in the world at your disposal?  And world peace and food for all were taken care of? What would be your top five items of pure desire?  Welcome to Good Things: The Wishful Edition! (Also, I love writing lists so any opportunity for a list?  I'm there!).

1. Eames furniture - brilliant and timeless design.  Specifically, this chair and this house bird.


2. An Abyssinian kitten - look at the wee darlings!

3. A full and unending supply of Sharpies.  All kinds, forever!  Why?  Because I love them!  Starting with these beauties - the brand new fabric Sharpies!

4. A Blythe doll called Miss Sally Rice.  I consider myself a collector of Blythe dolls ('cos two is a collection, right?) but this little pretty is my ultimate...if I could ever talk myself into paying over AUD $300 for a dolly.  I guess that is why she is on this list...
[Image from here]

5. Mounted deer head - now there is a small problem with this last item on my list...because I am quite open to a real deer head on my wall.  I do not advise the killing of a wild animal, but I do feel for those who have been killed and are under appreciated.  I feel if they are already dead, at least in death I can offer them love and a happy home.  Does that make sense to you, gentle reader?  No? Well it doesn't to my husband either, which is why I have chosen to show a faux deer head instead...

And I would be more than happy with Mr Faux here, but if there are any real deer heads out there reading this...you are very welcome in my home!  I just have to make sure DH doesn't give you the decent burial he feels you deserve.

Do you blog?
Why not write up your own five good things list in a blog post and share it with us in the comments? I would LOVE to read what your own heart desires!  

Lovely to meet you!  Peace, Ngaire


I'm pretty sure that's the first time we have ever had a cat on Good Things*.  Ferdi and Elfi are less than impressed, but then Lola is so adorable...all is forgiven!  What a list Ngaire - thank you!

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  1. Fantastic post, inspirational and hilarious....love it


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