20 July 2011

Holiday slideshow!

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You know those interminably long post-holiday slide nights that people used to have in way back when?  Where people would be wearing brown slacks and orange jumpers, sipping on something fruity and trying to hide the fact that they were bored to tears by stuffing themselves with cheese on a stick? The ones were the host says 'oh, this is me standing next to the post office', 'now that's Bob buying a stamp', 'and here I am posting your postcard'?  That sort of thing?

Well buckle up dear blog reader because I am back from my glorious holiday and this blog is about to become that, for the next week or so.  I guess at least you can get yourselves cups of tea whenever you want.  And I don't mind if you wear your jim jams.  Plus I'll still be posting some other fun stuff, amongst all the holiday snaps.  Okay?


  1. I remember those fabulous slide shows when I was just a little one-- usually it was slides from my grandparents' travels! Good memories! If all of the photos are as lovely as the first batch, I will be quite ok with you posting them for a while! :)

  2. Flashback! My father is an avid photographer and when slides were the norm we often sat through long evenings of slideshows. I still remember being more interested in the way the dust danced in the light than the actual pictures.


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