20 July 2011

Holiday Slideshow: Lama di Luna

First stop on our two week trip was the agriturismo Lama di Luna.  It's in the south of Italy just near a little town called Montegrosso, about an hour or so up from Bari.  It used to be a farm in the 18th century but now it's a ridiculously beautiful place to spend a night.  It's not at the bargain end of agriturismo, but it is so very lovely!  

It's surrounded by stony Mediterranean hills and rows and rows of olive and fruit trees, and is set on a small incline with a view across fertile fields falling in to the coast.  The hosts are welcoming, friendly and helpful; and do not fear when they tell you dinner is a 'buffet'.  What they're reffering to is a cosily rustic dining room where local produce (like mozzarella di bufala and freshly picked nectarines) and tasty dishes are laid out for guests to help themselves.  It was wonderful.

ps. you may not believe me but this is a heavily edited selection...more photos will be on my Flickr, at some point (hopefully) soon.


  1. Emily, beautiful photos! Your vacation spot looks just lovely! It has been a while since I was in Italy and you have me itching to travel to Europe again!

  2. That looks idilic! Ahhh how I wish I was there :)


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