22 July 2011

Death by Doxie: The King of the Castle Edition

For regular readers it will come as no surprise to learn that Elfi is a dog of discernment, taste and distinction (when she's not leaping in the dishwasher looking for scraps, that is).  She has an eye for style and for comfort.  One expression of this is the way she likes to take our throw cushions, flip them over, arrange them into a nice comfy pile and climb on top.  This combination of a small Florence Broadhurst cushion (from Signature Prints) plus a big one from my sister's range (which you can get here) is one of Elfi's particular favourites.  It's quite a sight to see her go about this (such focus! such drive!) and kind of an impressive feat for a short legged doggie.  Elfi is indeed king (queen?) of her castle!


  1. Oh my, that is adorable! And I am very impressed, I can imagine the effort she puts into getting those pillows just right!

  2. *LOVE*
    Eeeeee! Thank you for sharing this, it just made my day SO much better for seeing these pics! :-)

  3. oh my gosh, adorable!! My parents little king charles does the same with pillows, blankets, clothes... anything to make himself comfortable :)

    Thanks for the follow :)

  4. ahhhh! cutest doggie ever. our dog does something similar, we always say he is "nesting" when he does it.



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