14 April 2011

Say 'moo'!

Ah yes, it's school holiday time and that means there is so much going on at the moment that it's hard to find time for blogging because of all the doing, which is a good thing of course and means I have lots of surprises up my sleeve.  School holiday time also means I am forced to have a proper lunch at a proper time every day because there are two ravenous children in the house, but as much as I don the apron and try to play the role I really struggle to get lunch organised before 1.30pm...but no one seems to mind if lunch is a little late if it's delicious Women's Weekly Cookbook crepes with ham and gouda, and maple syrup for later.  Delicious!

Anyhoo, that's all a bit off track.  What I wanted to tell you about is that yesterday we went to the 63 Building in Yeouido, apparently the tallest building in Seoul and the tallest art museum in the world (which is kind of an hilarious gimmick, don't you think?).  It has some spectacular views of the sprawling city, and down in the basement there's also a pretty cool aquarium, interesting but compact so you never get to the point of thinking 'oh yay, another fish...'.  

The penguins were regal, the otters cute and the spider crabs suitably creepy but the real star of the show is that little guy right up the top there - the cowfish.  And seeing as how the cowfish is possibly the cutest animal I've ever come across, and how the curious little critter  actually seemed interested and intrigued by my iPhone when I held it up to take it's photo, they may have just overtaken the mouse deer as my most favourite animal ever.  So here is some more cowfish goodness for you to soak up (apologies for dodgy iPhone photos, I did take my super fancy camera but of course I left it in the car...)

ps. One of the fun things about going to zoos and aquariums and amusement parks around the world is seeing how they are kind of all the same but kind of uniquely of the culture they are from at the same time.  For example, this aquarium had all kinds of wonderfully obscure objects placed in the fish tanks - like oversized snow globes filled with miniature african animals, or a giant blue seahorse sculpture.  But this one below really stumped me...so if anyone, anyone at all, can explain why there is a frog in a nazi uniform in one of the tanks at the 63 Building's aquarium I'd really appreciate it:


  1. Oh I do love teh cowfish, and how weird the littel frog in a nazi uniform - is there some cultural explanation?

  2. Oh wow, how bizarre! I too am stumped as to why that little fella is in a nazi uniform...


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