09 April 2011

Hong Kong: Inspiration Overload

Being in Hong Kong recently with my sister (which was so much fun, by the way) made me think a bit more about why I love the place so much.  Every time I land there I get that excited feeling - you know the one that us travelers are always trying to chase, the one that wakes you up even if you've just got off a 16 hour flight and it's 4am back home, the one you felt the first time you went to New York or Paris or Tokyo.  

And I'm sure part of that excited feeling is because I'm already planning out what delicious things I'm going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next few days.  But it's also because Hong Kong gives you that feeling that you're in a place where things are happening!  Exciting, vibrant, new things.  And all these things are just a short ferry or train or walk away.  

But mainly, Hong Kong is a total feast for my senses - everywhere you look there is inspiration, whether it's the jumble of stuff piled high in the stores around Cat Street; the neon orange and blue colours of the street stall signage; the crumbly, washed out pinks and greens of the old apartment buildings; or that amazing sign out the front of a bird shop which makes you think about how good it would look as an embroidery design (don't you think?).  The noise, the smell, the shops, the bustle, the everything everywhere, the little glimpses of green...it's inspiration overload every time I visit!

Update: if you want to hear more about our Hong Kong adventures Beci has just put up a Hong Kong post too!  The family that blogs together, etc etc etc.  You can have a look here.


  1. I can imagine - it looks so full of life and color and everything else - how inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just set me free on the streets with my camera and I'll be set for the day:)

  3. I am off to Hong Kong in 2 weeks to celebrate my 40th. It's my second most fave place in the whole world. Cat St here I come


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