29 April 2011

Death by Doxie: The Elfi Does Yoga Edition

I try to do a little bit of yoga most mornings - an hour is good but even 20 minutes first thing helps me feel a bit more flexible, stronger, more toned, and just generally better.  And now that I practice my yoga mainly at home, I've come to realise that having two needy dachshunds in the house adds a whole other layer of difficulty.

Whilst Ferdi has decided that pulling out the yoga mat is an invitation for him to have a snooze on it, Elfi seems to disapprove of the fact that I am doing something that does not involve lavishing attention upon her.  She expresses this with subtlety (by just sitting there, watching me, as in the photos above) or, as time goes by, with much less subtlety (by leaping on to my stomach anytime I lie down - good for the core muscles, actually).

And here she is looking a bit dejected, after I have (gently) put my foot down...


  1. Too cute. Yeah, I find it HARD to do anything in the house without having one, perhaps three dogs at my side. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for sharing. And I'm loving your new camera...it takes great pictures!

  2. omg!! i bet yoga feels good to him with those tiny legs hehehe i die!

  3. teehee! I know the feeling, you should get a baby gate thats what we're getting, hk kitchens are small enough so don't need a moving-food-hungry obstacle too!

  4. Of course what they're really saying is "Please can't we do some 'doga' with you?"

    xx F

  5. Oh she's so cute! I know my cat really hates it when I'm not giving him my full attention ... some pets can be so fussy.

    She looks very sad in that last photo. I bet you gave her lots of cuddles later on.

  6. They are so adorable, I just want to give them big squishy hugs!


  7. My doxie lola does the SAME thing.. cannot cope with the attention being ANYWHERE but on her.:)))))


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