07 April 2011

Hong Kong: The Sevens

Oh the Sevens!  The crowds, the beer, the Pimms!  The roar, the dancing, the loosing-ones-voice-ing!  The costumes, the wigs, the sad sick moo cows on the train home.  The men in drag (oh, so many men in drag).  The quick quick games between Zimbabwe and New Zealand and Korea and Mexico and France and Tonga.  And Japan, the valiant, heartfelt, on-your-feet-cheering, Japan.  The hope and joy and disappointment; and when Hong Kong plays, every single person in the stadium wishing them well.  The excited happy people, the young-uns running amok, the ugly messy don't-know-your limits people (steer well clear of those).  

See you all again next year, I hope.


  1. Yeah for the rugby.
    I've always wanted to attend a '7's' and now you've locked it in as a must do!
    You've captured the atmosphere so well that I can almost smell the beer and sweat & hear the crowd!

    x Felicity

  2. Those are some seriously rad outfits lol.


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