22 April 2011

Death by Doxie: The Spring Sun Edition

Elfi is a total sun hound.  I think when she retires she is going to move to California, coat herself in tanning oil and loll about on a sun lounge, foil reflector in paw to ensure there's no neck lines.  She is especially happy at the moment because although we do have lots of lovely Spring sunshine (just not today, but that's another story), the grass hasn't quite recovered from Winter yet so it's nice and scratchy on her back.

Here's another view from the outside, if you look closely you can see Ferdi through the glass soaking in the sun on the inside.  Ferdi is very much an urban dog - if it's not paved he doesn't want to know about it...

And here's the view from the inside, looking out - just look at that little paw!


  1. OMD(dog):) These shots are so funny, yet so cute. My three love the sun also. Funny how our pets act so human......thanks for sharing!

  2. ohhh what a cutie pie! her tiny legs are just adorable. my puppers was sunbathing today too :)

  3. Your blog makes me want a dachshund even more than I already did (a lot)! So cute :)

  4. hehe i love her brown brows. and she lies just like my enormous fat cat!

  5. Nawwww ... so cute!!

    That little paw 'kills' me with its adorableness! :)


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