05 April 2011

Etsy Spotlight: Pata Pri

I'm back from my short blogging hiatus with a rather special Etsy Spotlight!  Pata Pri is the Etsy store of Japan based graphic and textile designer Yuko Uemura, and it features her designs printed on to Japanese 'imabari' towels - 100% cotton, super soft and very absorbent.  And, until 13 April, $5 from every towel sold is being donated to the Japanese disaster relief efforts.

As much as I love the simple, fun designs of Pata Pri it's the beautiful, washed out colour palette that really gets me, so very lovely!  Anyway, enough chat - go get yourself some towely goodness, now!

Etsy Spotlight is the Good Things* seal of approval.  You can read more here, and find all the posts here.


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