12 April 2011


Due to the thoughtful, inquiring, hard-hitting kind of approach to life that I so clearly take, I've been wandering lately if there is enough pink in my world.  I've never been a big fan, but lately my eye is being drawn away from the long-time favourites (blue, green and orange) to all things pink.  Coral, fuchsia, salmon, rose - I'm all over it.  And I adore the soft, dusky pink hues of these Persian Buttercups (bought for me by my super lovely sister on her recent visit) - just gorgeous don't you think?

And ps. keep it to yourself please but I may have even bought a neon (and I mean neon) pink mini skirt from Zara recently.  In my defense it was really, really cheap and I'm pretty sure I'll never wear it in public.  It does add a rather bright note to Sunday breakfasts at home though...


  1. Those blooms are luscious! A little pink can go a long way, but it certainly is a happy colour.

  2. I want to see the neon pink mini skirt - make sur eit is in your Melbourne wardrobe - next thing pink shoes ot match?

  3. they are gorgeous! and one of y favourite flowers (: well, okay. I love all the flowers hah

  4. Those blooms are beautiful!!

    I've come to discover a love of pink in recent years ... it's funny really because I used to hate it as a child.

    That skirt of yours sounds amazing! :)


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