09 December 2010

The View From Here: Red

Today I'm taking part in the weekly photo challenge over at Gogovivi.  Gogovivi is a one of my very favourite blogs at the moment.  It's written by Kiley, an expat living in China, and it's full of really gorgeous photos of her day-to-day life.  

This weeks The View From Here theme is red and the sight of these red berries with a dusting of snow motivated me to join in.  We had a bit of snow in Seoul yesterday (and yes, I still get way too excited about it - give me another month, I might be over it by then...), and the garden looked so gorgeous this morning.  Blue sky, sunshine and a coating of crunchy crispy snow. Lovely.

[ps. stay tuned for a Death by Doxie snow edition coming up very soon.  Elfi's apres ski outfit is adorable...]

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