23 December 2010

Festive cheer: our tree!

I know there will come a day when I will get to have a christmas tree decorated with a single knitted scarf.  Or one decorated in nothing but white and silver.  Or one covered in vintage glass ornaments from the 70s (like these happy fellows).  And when that day comes it will be a little bit good but it will also be a little bit sad, because it will mean that the step-sons have lost their enthusiasm for xmas decorating.  And so much of the fun of xmas is having little people running about the house with wild excitement, isn't it?

This year the boys have done a stellar job on our tree.  It is a joyous mish-mash of, well, everything.  We have ornaments made of lego, more origami than you'd think a tree could hold, some pieces from Etsy, and a few treasured pieces I've picked up over the years - a santa hat wearing bilby which my Mum sent me for our first xmas abroad, a plump white owl which I received in a swap, a beaded angel I picked up on my first trip overseas.  And some chinese lantern lights from our last xmas in Hong Kong.  Oh, and then some blobs of plasticine.  All crowned by a glorious spiky red star.


  1. love the tree, obviously either of the boys or both is very good at origami, love the red boxy thing... Also love the energy that has gone into the decoration and the slightly crazy edge toit all and did I spy a dachsund somewhere there on the tree. Happy Christmas to you all...

  2. yay! What a happy Christmas tree; made even happier with some Doxie love! love the mishmash of ornaments :)

    also, what a gorgeous sideboard (teak?)!

  3. Thank you! Glad you like the mix :)

    I actually think the sideboard is rosewood? But I could be making that up. It's mid-century Danish something or other, and I completely fell in love with it at first sight, to the point where I somehow managed to convince the husband to ship it from Australia to Hong Kong...

  4. its FAB!!! sweet little ornaments too!!


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