22 December 2010

More festive cheer!

One of my favourite parts of this years xmas decorations is this giant paper chain the step-sons made.  It snakes along our hallway in glorious colour.  I especially love the play of shadows and the translucent effect produced by the down lights.

My other favourite is the entrance hall, where we have a crochet garland (handmade by The Lovely Lily) and our collection of Alessi ornaments.  My husband has long been a devoted Alessite and one of our new traditions is to add to our collection each year.  The Alessi ornaments are a lovely mix of quirky, cute, funny and they're also sometimes strangely poignant.  


  1. Lovely! I love the colors too! It's so pretty! Your decorations are great! We aren't decorating this year! Next year we'll double our efforts!

  2. how delightful! i haven't made a paper chain in forever; makes me think happy thoughts of childhood. :)
    I hadn't heard of Alessi ornaments before, and now I am intrigued! So wonderfully whimsical!

  3. hehe I think I last made a paper chain when I was in kindergarten, good times. and those Alessi ornaments, I haven't heard of them before either. that little lamb sleeping in the corner, snoring away... too cute !!


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