10 December 2010

Death by Doxie: The Snow Edition

We had a bit of snow in Seoul the other day, not a blizzard by any means but enough that a good inch or so was still in the garden when we woke the next morning.  How could I possibly resist the temptation to deck the dogs in their finest winter coats and drag them outside?

I had to use a bucket of dog treats to lure them out.  Perhaps not surprisingly Elfi (she's the short hair for you new comers) seemed to quite enjoy herself once she got over the initial shock. On the other hand, Ferdi (the long hair) spent most of the time glued to one spot - apparently unable to move - with a look that said 'you have got to be kidding'.

Ostensibly I am 'training' them so that they get used to the cold and ice and snow and continue to go outside to 'do their business'.  But you and I both know I'm really just using them for my own amusement.  Those outfits!  Ferdi's tentative steps!  Elfi's romping!  That's what pets are for, right?


  1. That last one is so expressive... so many disdainful words contained in a single doxy-glare.... : )

  2. LOOK at that faaace! I love their coats, classy little sausage dogs they certainly are!

  3. LOL oh dear!! that face says "does not like snow". my face says "does like tartan doxies x2"

    i love that elfi just kind of happily gets on with things and ferdi is like neil from the young ones and is always getting bummed out. he seems sensitive to his environment - i can relate to that haha

  4. Oh Em they are adorable Photos, love the outfits, and the illustration of th edifferent personalities or should I say dogalities

  5. Ooooh, I envy you for the snow and your dogs are sooo cute!


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