21 December 2010

Festive cheer!

The step-sons arrived in Seoul a few weeks ago and immediately set to work bringing some festive cheer to the apartment.  Their decorating philosophy is definitely along the lines of 'more is more', and having them in charge of decor the past few xmases has been a good exercise for me in holding back my inner control freak.  

I have always loved to decorate spaces.  Nothing makes me happier than a collection of treasured objects, arranged just so - a bright print from an Etsy artist, a miniature dachshund figurine placed at just the right angle, a framed wedding polaroid...

But, come xmas, I hand over the reigns and let the rather creative step-sons take control.  And although I normally fidget and twitch a bit during the process, I always love the results.  This year, not even the pot plants escaped undecorated.  And why yes, that is a lego dragon in a paper santa hat!

[Lego xmas house by Sam - complete with snowman, coloured lights and dachshund!]

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  1. love the lego christmas house and all the decorations, well done for letting go and giving Joe and Sam creative control


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