08 December 2010

Good Things...

[Grumpy owl + champagne + huzzah!  By Pocket Carnival on Etsy]

How are your festive season preparations/celebrations going?  We are trucking along here, enjoying the cool crisp winter and pretending we are not in firing range of a crazy man; feeling a little bit festive and a little (ok, a lot) behind the ball on everything.  So much going on!  Lots of good stuff:

This how-to video from Marimekko.  I adore stop motion, and these look like a lot of fun to make, and it's Marimekko.  What's not to love?  There are a couple of other how-to's from them on YouTube too, go have a look! (ps. all I want for Christmas is everything from Marimekko...)

This on-line magazine called Toffee.  It is absolutely jam packed with all kinds of gorgeousness - beautiful photos, illustrations, interviews, inspiration, crafty ideas, projects, printables, recipes...lots of my favourite crafty, arty people have contributed.  Plus, the first issue is themed around 'feeling kitchsy'.  So awesome!

This blog, which my Mum has started writing.  It's called occasional eating and drinking and that's pretty much what it's about, life and the food and drink that goes with it.  As a kid I do remember my Mum often dabbling in writing, the odd poem here and there.  She was also the person who introduced me to some of my favourite authors when I was moping about looking for something to read as a teen.  I think it is totally ace that she has started up her own blog.  Go show it some love, if you like!

The wintery weather that we've been experiencing in Seoul.  It's been ear-bitingly cold but the days are so crystal clear, the sky so blue and the air so crisp it's hard not to love it.  Also, we had our second snow fall for the winter early this morning, and they're predicting more next week!  Huzzah indeed!

And lastly, all of the screen printed fabric by Summersville.  Great product shots too.

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