25 November 2010

Sculpture by the Sea

state of square by Faith Semiz

Sculpture by the Sea is the best free arts event anywhere ever.  There, I've said it.  And it's true. Take a sunny Sydney day, a cliff top walk with stunning views and a jumble of kids and dogs, then add a bunch of absurd, breathtaking, beautiful and/or hilarious sculptures - you can't help but end up with one of the loveliest ways to spend an afternoon.

Unfortunately this years Sculpture by the Sea is over (it runs for about two weeks).  But I was lucky enough to be in Sydney while it was on, so I took a ferry and a bus (and another bus, the first one turned out to be the wrong one...) on a blue sky afternoon and spent a most pleasant sundown wandering between Bondi and Bronte soaking it all in.  Here are some photos of my favourites (this post could have been 100 photos long, so it's quite restrained really).

And ps. If you're a Sydney-sider you must keep an eye out for next years event, and gather up your children and pets and picnic blankets and go when it's on!  You must!  And while you're there buy a program or make a donation, because this event deserves your support!  It does!

a french litter by Geoff Harvey
from optimism to hope by Andrew Rogers
garden mandala by Ian Swift
cycle90 'a premonition of wind' by Kaoru Matsumoto
transfiguration 'link' XXIII by Mitsuo Takeuchi
sea cells by Lucy Barker

sitting hen by Tae-Guen Yang

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  1. Em beautiful photos as usual, love thehen she made me laugh


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