04 November 2010

Good Things...

This collection of good things is brought to you by...other people!  Hurrah!

First up, we have French artist Emilie Faif - that's her soft sculpture Paris New-York down there. The other two pieces are Excroissance and Fleurs.  Her work is so lovely and touchable, I hope to see it in real life one day.  Found via Craft.

Did you see this totally awesome (and Korean!) artist on the Meet Me At Mike's blog the other day? His name is Dae-Hyun Jeong (click on 'past exhibitions' in that link to find him) and he does lovely things with shape and colour.  Beautiful stuff!

And there's some new work from my sister, Beci Orpin, which I spied on her blog.  I literally gasped when I saw it!  She does always astound me with her creative talents but I especially liked these pieces.  The colour, the texture, the contrasts - yum!

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  1. you are too kind! i think i just found your christmas present...
    hoe good are those soft sculptures as well? gorgeous!


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